Monday, February 27, 2006


Uncle Alex

Sorry mate.. been very slack. I blame the internet! I'm now on-line.. wired-up.. is that what you say!? How do i download music!?

When's the Shack album out? All quiet here.. planning a snowboarding trip to
Hokkaido.. first time, so gonna be painful on the old body i think. Wigan v Liverpool on TV tmrow.. might have a few beers, esp with a very rare Sunday off! Woohoo.. as i say, all quiet at the mo, which is good!

Monday, January 23, 2006



Xabi Alonso
Gonna watch it meself later.. had the pleasure of watching us last nite. Trouble with Viduka is that he's a lazy bastard. Keep the paper talk coming.Maybe wired up with internet and second-hand computer pretty soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Newell's no fool

Mike Newell has provoked angry responses from the FA and football agents after hitting out at the corruption in the game.

Luton manager Newell yesterday said that he had been offered bungs during his short managerial career and criticised the money paid to agents during transfer and contract negotiations.

"There are clear problems in football but nothing gets done," Newell said.

"Why has it taken so long for people to realise what's been going on? And why aren't the Premier League doing anything?

"What it needs is for someone in the Premier League to stand up and shout about it. But what you find is that a lot of people involved with the agents and doing the deals are getting back-handers.

"You're not telling me that the only person guilty of taking a bung in the last decade is George Graham? I don't believe it."

When challenged today to name names, Newell said on BBC Radio Five Live : "I will do that. I have no problem. I have no reason to be afraid and I have no fear of anybody coming to speak to me.

"They need to come to me - I have absolutely nothing to hide. I have done my duty to football."

"You will get a lot of people denying - but you don't have to be Einstein to understand why they are denying it."

But the Football Association said that the claims would have to be investigated.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said that Newell should make his allegations specific to the FA.

His counterpart at the FA, Brain Barwick, said: "These are very serious claims that Mike Newell has made.

"We welcome the fact that he has said that he is willing to provides names and details of people who have breached the rules.

"We have contacted Mike this morning and will meet with him early next week. If he provides us with evidence we will investigate fully. The FA takes this issue very seriously.

Newell also caused a reaction from leading agents. Phil Smith, of agents First Artists, said: "Mike Newell now needs to put up or shut up - come out with it all and name names to the relevant authorities."

Smith also criticised the FA.

"We really need a proper investigation to flush it out - for as much as the industry has been cleaned up, we don't feel the FA have policed it properly. If it is still going on we need to know who it is.

"We are a public company and are very transparent in our dealings. But unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the agency side of the business, and it would help if we all knew who they are."

Newell is confident he is in a powerful position, because he has never been tempted to take a bung himself.

"I have no fear. I have never taken anything that was not due to me in a contract - and that goes as a player or a manager," Newell said.

"I find it unbelievable that the journalists in this country cannot investigate what is going on - it's not Watergate or the White House they are going into," he said.

"I find it unbelievable that they just skirt round the issue."

Monday, December 19, 2005


Chanko nabe!

Sounds good.. few beers in the afternoon in a trendy new bar downtown. Get back
to Liverpool on the 22nd so will be ready to get out the house for a beer. Maybe Rafa and the boys are on a nomihodai tonite!? Didnt i used to live in Edwardian Terrace in Hyde Park!?Mata...

Sunday, December 11, 2005


West life

A blood-red banner on display at the Liverpool end during last week's Champions' League tie against Chelsea depicted five European Cups with the legend: "You can only envy us". With nine times as many League championships and exactly twice as many FA Cups and League Cups as the Roman-come-latelies, Liverpool clearly have pedigree on their side. This week in Japan......



Ne.. i'm quite familiar with the Wanderers multi-cultural line-up due to the Japanese fixation with all things Japanese.. the motto being: sign a Jap. I quite fancy Oguro from Gamba Osaka.


McLaren fields

Didnt see it mate, traditional style family do with the missus.. tanoshikatta!
Now watching Chelsea v Wigan.. wheres the Uncle? 4 live games on at same time.. City, Bolton and Celtic.. yatta!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


World Cup Draw

At 35 quid a ticket, i certainly wont be venturing to Shin-Yokohama to see any worthless footy.. Ali Iwetthebed are also talking it up. Can just imagine Rubber Jonny being transfixed by crap pop.. is he still living on top of that hill?
Also saw the avuncular Uncle on TV.. quite strange actually. Have got 5 games to choose from tmrow nite, but will miss the Liverpool for a Kazumi family party. Plenty of beer and food.. no sushi thanks. Then Sunday its our works Xmas party, a boat cruise around Sakuragicho Bay, Yokohama.. with of course the obligatory 2-hour-nomihodai! 58 people at the last count.. tanoshimi!
How about a Xmas Eve drink? Of course, England will get Japan, Australia and Poland today. Just been to see Harry Potter.. a very dark movie!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Wasn't out last nite.. had been visiting a zen garden actually! Very nice! Did go for a coupla beers afterwards, and some yakiniku.. the best, get into it! You've obviously not been trying very hard for the last six months. Rubber Jon'll smoke about a fivers worth wont he! Christmas Eve could be a call, get Arch n Liz out.. was gonna say, get on Crouch first goal with 3-0.. tabun ne!!

Hi wo tsuyoku shite kudasai!

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